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Held back by unregulated gut flora?

Syn-fit is a revolutionary, scientifically proven weight loss supplement, synergized by powerful pro- and pre-biotics that elevate you to your best.


Reduced fasting blood glucose levels

Reduced abdominal fat

Reduced Cholesterol

Reduced Blood Pressure

Reduced Waist Circumference

Reduced triglycerides

Reduced fasting plasma insulin levels

When your gut flora isn’t properly regulated you can’t be at your best. Syn-Fit is a revolutionary synbiotic product containing 4 powerful probiotics which have been scientifically shown to possess potent weight loss properties, allied with a prebiotic to create an unbeatable synergy.

Unleash the power of synbiotics...

Syn-Fit is the first commercially-available multi-strain synbiotic which is purposely designed to reduce body fat.

Probiotics – in that they are living entities – also need to feed. They feed on forms of starch known as prebiotics.

Prebiotics – when taken singularly – can influence microflora composition, much like probiotics.

Synbiotics are the combination of probiotics, together with prebiotics, to yield a synergy which is greater than the sum of the two.

Syn-Fit is composed of four ultra-powerful probiotic strains which have been clinically demonstrated to exert fat fighting properties, combined with a powerful prebiotic, all to create a novel and highly potent product for fat loss.

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